Implementation technology -  AURA C++ software from PCs to supercomputers.


To support Cybulas growing range of applications the company has developed the PRESENCE 2 PCI card.  More details can be found here.

AURA C++ implementation

The AURA methods that power many of Cybula's products are implemented as a C++ software library. This library is available for use in bespoke applications, and for evaluating in potentially new areas. The library has been developed over the last 7 years, first within the University of York and now in by both the University and Cybula Ltd. The library supports many platforms. If you wish to make use of the library in an application not yet offered by Cybula, please contact us. Access to the manual pages for the package can be granted for evaluation.

In most cases the software can be implemented on a conventional PC, using C++.  However, for more demanding applications we have ported the technology to more powerful computer systems;

Hardware Systems

Cybula manufactures and supplies computer systems that support the systems we offer. This provides a complete scalable solution to all problems. One of the foundations of our approach to high performance systems is matching the task to the available computer architectures. AURA technology was designed with consideration to both the pattern recognition problem and the low-level hardware. The systems we offer range from one of our systems running on a single PC, tuned to meet the needs of the customers application, through to clusters of PCs, specialist hardware and supercomputer systems.

Stand alone PC solutions

If you require a PC based solution we can configure systems to meet your needs. This includes specifying machine, RAM disk and interconnectivity. We will specify what is needed of your systems and work with you to integrate our tools into your products.

Clusters of Workstations - Beowulf

For more demanding applications, where a single PC is not enough, we can configure and distribute our systems over a number of processors. Known as a Beowulf cluster, these solutions enable a number of parallel searches to take place on the data. Almost any scale of problem can be dealt with using this approach.

Application Specific hardware accelerators

To enable small foot print, cost effective solutions to the most demanding applications, Cybula offers industry standard PCI based accelerator hardware that can be added to a standard PC. The PRESENCE hardware has been developed in conjunction with the AURA software library to be transparent to the user, yet provide very high compute rates. A number of cards can be used in one PC to add up to 5 extra processors and memory to support the AURA applications. Details are available here.

Parallel Processor Systems

Cybula offers solutions on high performance parallel computers. Experience gained through the use of SUN enterprise computers enables us to offer this solution in the most demanding of applications.


Cortex II parallel processor - a parallel implementation using PRESENCE.


For many applications the use of standard computer systems cannot provide the speed required. To meet this demand the PRESENCE hardware has been developed. This technology has been developed in conjunction with the AURA software library to provide a cost effective acceleration of CMM based applications. More details of the latest generation, PRESENCE 2 can be found here.


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