AURA technology

Cybula Ltd. has licensed the AURA technology from the University of York. The technology has been developed in Prof. Austin's group for over 15 years and represents the leading edge in search technology. The AURA methods are based on neural networks, exploiting the parallelism of the brain and its speed in computer hardware. The technology has received both academic and industrial recognition, through BCS IT awards and Chairman's awards for innovation from British Aerospace Systems.

The AURA technology uses bit level representations of data to efficiently store and retrieve data, in structures called correlation matrix memories (CMM), one of the first known neural network architectures. The group and Cybula have invested time in developing methods that exploit the CMMs, by introducing a powerful set of pre- and post processing functions to the CMM. They are now world leaders in this technology, enabling them to take complex data analysis and pattern matching problems and implement them in CMM technology.

The University is involved in large research projects to further develop the technology.

Details of AURA and current research can be found at the University web site

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