Cool Computer     

Cool plates

Cybula lunch the first, easily scalable 3D parallel computer.

Uniquely designed flexible hexagonal computational plates are combined to construct 1, 2 or 3 dimensional infinitely scalable computer systems. Each plate is a self contained computer, which can operate alone or combined with more blocks to make small or very large parallel computers—to process the smallest to the very largest problem. Nothing else is required. Each block communicates to others via connections on the edges of each plate, joined with magnets. Plates can be assembled in any configuration allowing complex structures to be built that match your problem. Uniquely, the Cool system can be cooled by air or by immersing in de-ionized water, allowing vast, monolithic systems to be built and cooled effectively. The plates have 12 data links running up to 10Gbits and support many protocols including USB, Ethernet etc. the blocks used standardized interconnect but can support a variety of processors (plating) the blocks. Typical plating's are using arm processors (ARMer plated blocks), Xilinx Zynq (Zynq plated blocks), others are possible such as i7, etc.
The Cool Computer is designed to allow any one to build and scale there own computer, from one machine, to a small compute cluster to the very largest multi-petaflop machine.

A typical configuration uses Zynq 7000 processors, delivering 5 Gflops per plate. Eight of these can be assembled into balls that the compose an 8 processor cluster with a 4D hypercube architecture, 2x2x2x2 in configuration running at 40Gflops. The balls can then be joined to form any size of hypercube on three dimensions and 2 in the 4th dimension.  In this configuration each ball cluster has 8x6  connections, each running at 50Mbits to 10 Gbits giving a industry leading maximum data rate of 240Gigbits into each ball cluster.

A short launch video on the Cool computer

For more information on the Cool Computer please contact the Cybula Sales team.


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