Directions to Cybula

M1 [heading north] Continue South down the M1 until you see the A64 turnoff for York. Do not take Junction 47 (marked A59 York). Stay left on the offramp.
M1 [heading south] Continue North up the M1 until you see the turnoff for York. The offramp has two lanes, stay in the right hand lane (marked York A64). Click here for a map.
A64 Continue along the A64, ignoring the various turnoffs until you see the one marked "A1079 Hull/York/University". Take the left lane of the offramp, and take the first exit towards York. Click here for a map.
A1079 Proceed along the Dual Carriageway. You'll pass the entrance to the Grimston Bar Park & Ride on the left, and then B&Q shortly after on the right. At the roundabout immediately after B&Q, turn left towards "University / Heslington / Fulford"
Deramore Lane Go along this road. This is Deramore lane. You will meet a roundabout. Take the first exit on this roundabout into the university (heslington east) campus.
Car Park

Follow the road arround to the car park in the middle of a large roundabout.

From here it takes about 5 mins to walk to the Computer Science Building found on this map.