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Cybula Ltd. has licensed access to patented leading edge data searching technology developed at the University of York over the last 15 years. A feature this technology allows is very high performance access to text repositories. Our text searching products are;

Address and List Search Engine - The Text Search Engine and Software library.  


This tool is the fastest and most flexible system available on the market today for searching address lists and any type of text list. The York Data Search system , allows access to large lists of addresses, names, contacts books - in short, any list made up of text. It has been particularly tuned to searching address data. The Unique features of the engine are:

  • Format free queries
  • Loading of data using format free data
  • High performance, scalable search using the AURA high performance pattern matching technology

The engine is currently offered as a software library  for bespoke applications and as a built-in user friendly tool.

Miner Taur - The Cybula Document Search Engine

Cybula's text search engine, Miner Taur is a more general search technology aimed at more conventional web search operations where large document libraries require searching. The system's unique features offer solutions to searching problems that have frustrated developers and users for years:

  • Ability to tolerate spelling errors in queries
  • Ability to search on words that have a similar meaning to the ones in the search query
  • High performance scalability through the use of the AURA high performance pattern matching technology

Miner Taur  is offered as a bespoke application, for more details contact Cybula (

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